FASZIO® Gründerinnen Heike Oellerich und Miriam Wesselsabout us

Heike Oellerich and Miriam Wessels

For many years we have been working on getting to the bottom of the information circulating in the field of motion. According to the motto “If you know what you are doing, you can do what you want”. This is important for us personally and is the base of our work as trainers and authors.

We have decades of experience as trainers in the field of health sports and movement, work as instructors in advanced training for trainers and therapists, as DTB instructors and develop new movement concepts such as “Abdominal Yoga”, “Mama fit – Baby with you”, “Simple but brilliant”, “YogaDancing”, “ASANADANCE®“, “mantra moves” and “FASZIO®“.

As freelance writers, we have been writing books and articles for almost 20 years, especially on health and exercise topics such as fascia, yoga, pelvic floor training, menopause and breast cancer. With a holistic view, thorough research and creative exercises, we write in a way that is understandable for everyone and close to everyday life.
Our passion lies on holistic forms of movement in general and fascia in particular. We consider it particularly exciting that the exploration of the fascial network is still in its beginnings. This contains a great spirit of discovery. Currently there are already proven facts and (as yet) unproven assumptions. However, understanding fascial structures already requires a rethinking of the familiar and an engagement with the unfamiliar. Many researchers from different disciplines are currently devoting themselves to fascia. What unites them all is not knowledge, but the desire to know! It is worthwhile to keep on at it!

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