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Modern meets tradition: In Fascia-Yoga, well-known asanas and pranayama are combined with the latest knowledge about fascia. The 7 strategies and 5 pathways according to FASZIO® support the requirements and needs of today’s participants across traditions. Emotions and movement merge to create and maintain physical, emotional and mental health. The fascial allround care!

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Fascia-Yoga according to the FASZIO® method

education for Yoga teacher and interested people (50 units)

Modern meets tradition: Yoga is a system that has been tried and tested in its traditions for centuries and still is in constant reflection and development. Fascia Yoga explores new paths by combining well-known asanas and pranayama with the latest knowledge about fascia. Theoretical knowledge is conveyed in a generally understandable way, the 7 strategies of holistic fascia training are presented and a look is taken at the concept of the 5 pathways.

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  • Fascia and its influence on the yoga practice
  • Fascia: Structure and substance
  • Metabolism and immune system
  • The 7 strategies according to FASZIO® and their relation to the different yoga styles
  • Fascia-Yoga model lessons
  • Meditation
  • Solution techniques in Yoga
  • Pranayama and sound combined with the 7 strategies
  • The model of the 5 pathways according to FASZIO®
  • Independent exercise development in small groups
  • Supervision – independent handling of the fascial knowledge and transfer into the own yoga practice

⇒ precondition:

Yoga trainer, Yoga teacher, people interested in Yoga with practical knowledge


Yoga training for balanced fascia

Anyone who has experience in yoga practice and meets the qualification requirements of the respective organizer can participate in FASZIO® yoga training courses. All FASZIO® training courses provide an insight into the world of fascia in a topic-specific context. This can be used as an introduction to the topic of fascia-oriented training or to deepen existing knowledge.

Fascia, stress & resilience – FASZIO® Detox for a healthy fascial network (8 units)

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The revolution of the sun salutation – 7 ways to fascial happiness (8 units)

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faszio cupping-yogaYoga & Cupping (8 units)

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