This is FASZIO®

FASZIO® is a modern holistic fascial training for functional performance and expressive joy of movement!

FASZIO® puts the latest scientific knowledge into motion: The varied, multi-directional training gives impulses, challenges the whole body, all the senses, emotional expression and is oriented on the requirements of a healthy everyday life. Get out of the comfort zone and back to the roots of natural joy of movement and training variety.

The heart of the FASZIO® training concept are the 7 strategies. This comprehensive training supports all functions of the fascia, keeping it healthy, resilient and vital in the long term.
The FASZIO®– Holistic Fascia Training concept also takes into account the influence of lifestyle, emotional connections and therapeutic options. A team of experts is available for this purpose, in which everyone contributes to a comprehensive, interdisciplinary view of the fascia with his or her focus.

FASZIO® -training is variety in space, time and intensity

The more varied and unusual the training, the more effective it is. The stronger the impulses are set, the greater the increase in performance. FASZIO® trains and considers all aspects of healthy and effective fascial training. Ligaments and tendons are given more powerful high-speed strength due to their greater elasticity and stretch ability. Connective tissue can be tightened through high flexibility and impulsive movements. Muscle building in motion brings functional strength to the transmission paths. This is combined with the release of blockades and times for regeneration. Diverse and unaccustomed demands train the perception and promote stability, condition and movement competence.

methods of training

full body use and movement variety (fascia loves variety)

requirements and stimuli (fascia grows with its tasks)

expansion and release (fascia reacts to pull and drag)

7 strategies in order to consider and train all aspects

⇒ training targets

⇒ health: The condition of the fascia is decisive for the quality of metabolic processes, immune system and reaction capacity.

⇒ fitness: Physical performance is directly related to the training condition of the fascia.

⇒ personality: Those who dare to leave their comfort zones discover their abilities to build strength.

⇒ radiation: Emotions are reflected to the outside by the fascia.

⇒ target groups

Healthy fascia is needed by everyone!

 Important components of the fascia are formed in the womb and in early childhood, some of which even have to serve as a supply for the rest of life.

As baby, toddler, adolescent, the fascial tissue gathers all the experiences in order to be prepared for “survival” in adulthood. From this information, movement competence, stability, body awareness, self-awareness, reactivity and instinct, among others, develop.

The adult person needs access to a fully functional fascia for performance, health maintenance and recovery, especially since modern everyday life makes the various tasks of the fascia degenerate. On the psychological level, too, the fascia plays an important role in positive thinking, feelings of happiness and serenity in everyday life and in spontaneous situations, as well as a courageous approach to challenges.

Seniors benefit from the preservation of their ability to move freely and remain independent for a long time. A youthful appearance is created by vitalized cells and a large energy supply for vitality.

FASZIO® philosophy

⇒ Know what you’re doing, then you can do whatever you want.
We value, respect and use our differences.
We pass on knowledge and health so that everyone can understand and use it.
With knowledge and understanding of movement, we get people moving at all levels, regardless of age, size, clothing and constitution.
We inspire enthusiasm for the professional subject of fascias/FASZIO®, always focusing on people and their resources.
⇒ FASZIO® = competent, varied, holistic