FASZIO® – training in 7 strategies

for more vitality and ease of movement

The FASZIO® movement concept includes 7 strategies to stimulate, strengthen, expand and soften the fascial network. The application makes individual training possible, supports health maintenance, stress resistance and increased capacity and takes all aspects of a holistic training into account:

Ligaments and tendons are given more powerful high-speed energy due to higher elasticity and stretch. Connective tissue can be tightened through high smoothness and impulsive movements. Muscle building in motion brings functional strength in the transmission paths. This is combined with the release of blockades and times for regeneration. Various and unaccustomed demands train the perception and promote stability, condition and movement competence.

These qualities support all functions of the fascia, keeping it healthy, resilient and vital in the long term:


FASZIO® Trainingsstrategie Wahrnehmung, Faszientraining für Faszientrainer⇒ awareness

refine sensory, motoric and emotional intelligence

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faszio strategy elasticityelasticity

efficiently use the catapult effect and kinetic energy

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FASZIO® Trainingsstrategie Dehnfähigkeit, Faszientraining für Faszientrainerflexibility

stretch out the fascial network and balance the tensegrity of the body

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faszio strategy fluidityfluidity

expand movement competence and harmonize function

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FASZIO® Trainingsstrategie Kraft, Faszientraining für Faszientrainerpower

strengthen the fascial transmission paths and optimize functional transfer

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FASZIO® strategy releaserelease

support free energy flow and regulate the extracellular matrix

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FASZIO® Strategy Regenerationregeneration

vitalize the body’s cells and discover rejuvenation

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