FASCIA-THERAPY education and trainings

The teaching concepts of FASZIO® Therapy focus on wholeness, sustainability and suitability for everyday use. Using special therapeutic measures, the tissue is pushed apart, pressed, pulled or rejoined. Aids such as the FASZIO® cups, the FASZIO® balls or the flossband are used and the patient’s involvement in movement is integrated.

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FASZIO® Mobility-Therapy

Education for therapy interested people with knowledge of anatomy and pathology (80 units)

FASZIO® Mobility-Therapy means continuous movement on a small and large scale for unrestricted mobility. It is a form of treatment based on the latest scientific discoveries about fascia and its course in the body, as well as its significance for mobility and stability and therefore the freedom from pain of a person. The diagnosis and treatment concept is based on the model of the fascial pathways and the 7 strategies of FASZIO®. Problem structures in the course of movement are determined by “FasciaReading in movement”. The competence of the therapist/practitioner is strengthened in such a way that resource-oriented intervention can be carried out, primarily with active movement of the patient. The fascia can additionally be manipulated during the activity with hands-on techniques, the FASZIO® balls, FASZIO® cups or flossband. Another important aspect is to awaken the intrinsic motivation of the patient in order to achieve better therapeutic success. In addition to know-how, FASZIO® has a great deal of enthusiasm and joy of movement on its agenda, too. The FASZIO® Mobility-Therapy aims at a resilient, vital body with free movement possibilities. To ensure that the concept of FASZIO® Mobility-Therapy is understood and can be applied, the training ends with supervision.


  • Relief of complaints, pain and blockages
  • Recognizing and resolving limitations in the fascial network (traumas, scars, etc.)
  • Extension of the freedom of movement
  • Increased performance due to more fluidity and increased energy potential of the fascia
  • Regeneration of the fascial tissue and stimulation of the self-healing powers
  • Regulation of the metabolism and activation of the immune system
  • Preventive treatment as salutogenesis and injury prophylaxis


FASCIA-THERAPY trainings focussing on intervention

Make your fascia sliding again in every part of your body! The stimulation provided by innovative accessories (FASZIO® balls, FASZIO® cups, flossband) has a releasing effect on tensions and adhesions. This boosts the metabolism and improves general health.

FASZIO® Fortbildung CuppingFASZIO® Cupping (8 units)

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FASZIO® Fortbildung FlossingFASZIO® Flossing (8 units)

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FASZIO® Fortbildung Releasing mit BällenReleasing with FASZIO® balls (8 units)

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FASZIO® Fortbildung Faszientuning mit Bällen, Cupps und FlossbandFascia-Tuning with FASZIO® balls, FASZIO® cups and flossband (8 units)

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Teaser-Bild Faszien-Massage nach FASZIO®, IntensivlehrgangFASZIO® Massage (40 units)

Intensive course for people interested in massage

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