FASZIO® Therapy and Therapy Training

FASZIO® Therapy works with the body’s fascia to remove pain and movement restrictions (e.g. scarring or blockage). Special therapeutic methods are employed to work with the fascial tissue. Depending on the situation, the tissue is either pushed together, pushed apart, pressed down or pulled. Additional auxiliary tools may also be used in the process, such as the FASZIO® Cup or the Flossing Band. These tools are then commonly combined with specific movements performed by the patient.

The FASZIO® Muscle-Trains model forms the foundation of FASZIO® Therapy. These therapeutic interventions release tension, revitalize the body and rebalance imbalances. They make movement easy!

FASZIO® Massage

For healthy, limber movement

FASZIO® Flossing

Beneficial in the treatment of limited mobility

FASZIO® Cupping

A Three-Dimensional Massage

FASZIO® Mobility Therapy

For a painless healthy body