FASZIO® Mobility Therapy (180 units)

FASZIO® Mobility Therapy offers a treatment based on the latest findings in the area of fascia;
these new findings point to the health of the body’s fascia as a key contributor to the mobility and
stability of the body as well as pain relief. FASZIO® Mobility Therapy works closely with the
body’s fascial muscle-trains. Muscle-train restriction can be identified by various pain inducing
movement and/or movement deficits. Once the problematic structures are located, FASZIO® Mobility
Therapy intervenes, utilizing both floor-based movement and exercise machines. During the
exercises, the fascia are externally stimulated via accessories such as the FASZIO® Balls, the
FASZIO® Cups, flossing bands, tape and hands-on techniques. FASZIO® Mobility Therapy also
applies various grip-techniques combined with movement. FASZIO® Mobility Therapy aims to
heal the body back into its original sturdy and vital self; it aims to reconnect the body with freedom
of movement. The training module ends with an examination, in place to ensure that participants
understand and are able to practically implement FASZIO® Mobility Therapy.

• Alleviation of ailments, pains and restrictions
• Recognize and resolve restrictions in the fascial network (Trauma, scars etc.)
• Increase freedom of movement (kinetic resolve)
• Improve performance through increased fascial fluidity and energy potential (Hydro-aspect)
• Regenerate fascial tissue and stimulate self-healing (Subcutaneous stimulation)
• Regulate the metabolism and active the immune system
• Preventive treatment as salutogenesis and injury prophylaxis

Content (Modules 1-6 (à 30 units):
• Understanding the basics of fascia
• Understanding the fascia trains model by FASZIO®
• Understanding the 7 FASZIO® strategies
• Anatomy + pathology of the 5 main fascia trains: locate imbalance, correct weakness, initiate
• Anamnesis, movement tests, diagnosis and development of therapeutic concepts
• Practice of expedient movements and exercises (Strengthening, tension equalization and elasticity)
• Massage and hands on techniques (traction, friction, pressure etc.)
• Treatment with tools (FASZIO® Balls, FASZIO® Cups, Flossingband und Tape)
• Possible combinations of treatment variations
• Case analysis, test-patients, presentation, development and application of a holistic treatment
• Examination and certification

⇒ Target Audience
All professional medical groups, trainers and sport academics

⇒ Prerequisite
Anatomy – and pathological experience; modules only bookable in chronological order.


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