FASZIO® Massage

FASZIO Massage AusbildungFASZIO® Massage is a powerful tool, focused on bringing a person’s body back into a healthy state of limber movement.

The training teaches participants the myofascial grip technique. The myofascial grip technique stimulates the metabolism, reduces stress and releases bodily tension and fascial blockage, relieving pain and resolving restricted movement.

Training participants work together in groups, alternating roles between “patient” and “therapist” while simultaneously practicing the general application of the myofascial grip technique. The opportunity to train with a variety of different people is an integral part of the program, helping develop the sensorimotor system of a participant’s hands, while at the same time introducing participants to different tissue types. The importance of “patient-therapist” communication is also made clear; only through communicating with one another are participants able to ascertain the appropriate intensity to apply to a particular “patient”. In the end, personal experience as both “patient” and “therapist” plays an integral role in the training. Participants leave the training with a deeper awareness of their own fascia and a deeper understanding of the fascial experience of others.

Whether daily life or competitive sports, FASZIO® Massage helps deliver ease, efficiency and power back into movement.


Content Modules 1-4 (à 20 units):

  • Fascia Fundamentals: Fascia compact / Fascia knowledge; the current state of fascial research
  • Introduction: the fascial concept from FASZIO®
  • Introduction to application possibilities
  • Fundamentals of FASZIO® Massage: The patient’s position, grip techniques, breathing
  • Requirements: Indications / Contra-indications
  • Fascial anatomy and physiology and the importance of functional fascial muscle-trains
  • Diagnosis and analysis of typical disturbance areas
  • Possibilities for therapeutic intervention
  • Example cases
  • Deepening

⇒ Prerequisite:
Modules only bookable in chronological order.


Training in Germany


⇒ Modul 1: 29th – 30th October 2018
Peter Holthausen

⇒ Modul 2: 31th October – 01th November 2018
Michaela Mettler

⇒ Modul 3: 19th – 20th  November 2018
Juliane Galke/Michaela Mettler

⇒ Modul 4: 21th – 22th November 2018
Juliane Galke/Michaela Mettler

Location: FYTT locaction, Borsteler Chaussee 102, 22453 Hamburg, Germany

Modul á 225,00 €


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