FASZIO® Flossing (10 units)

Therapeutic flossing for physiotherapists, natural medicine practitioners and physicians.

FASZIO FlossingFlossing is a therapeutic method meant to accompany the treatment of post-surgical and posttraumatic swelling and can also prove beneficial in the treatment of limited mobility.

Flossing is conducted with the use of a 5 cm wide and 1-1.5 mm thick band, which is then wrapped around a respective body part or joint. The ensuing compression is then manipulated by the “patient” via physical movement. Additional manipulation can be exercised by a trained therapist. The tissue itself is subject to the shearing force of the band’s compression, releasing blockage within the fascia.

  • FASZIO FlossingSimple to do
  • Quick to learn
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • An opportunity to carry out manual therapy more effectively
  • Complements therapy especially when dealing with swelling and restricted movement


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