FASZIO® Training Concept

FASZIO® The Holistic Fascia Training – Move into Happiness!

Three FASZIO® Avenues of Training

The concept of FASZIO® – Holistic Fascia Training includes fascia oriented movements, nutrition and emotional well-being and offers many therapeutic options. We have thus developed a program with three avenues of training, applying the seven FASZIO® strategies in their own unique way. Be inspired by our large variety of themes. Enhance your understanding of movement habits and explore a new quality of motion!

Instructor Training

faszio-faszientrainingFascial Movement Instructor and additional qualifications

Fascial Yoga Training

faszio-faszienyogaCombining fascial knowledge with traditional Yoga

Training for Therapists

Faszio-faszientherapieFascial Therapy: Cupping, Flossing, Massage, Mobility Therapy, Taping


7 Strategies for Healthy Fascia

FASZIO® introduces and considers all aspects of a healthy and an effective fascial training. Multiple unusual challenges train awareness and increase physical strength and fitness as well as movement competence. Ligaments and tendons gain in elasticity and flexibility, increasing in explosive strength and stability. Firm connective tissue is improved by natural elegance and impulsive motion. Add releasing of blockages and time for regeneration and refresh your fascia!

⇒ Target Audience
The target audience ranges from training supervisors, fitness specialists, personal trainers, and Yoga and Pilates teachers to outdoor, health-fitness coaches and Body&Mind trainers to adolescent and teenage sports coaches. FASZIO® already integrates many of these respective fitness areas into its programs; an assortment of programs that continues to grow with time.

⇒ Prerequisite
Fitness Instructors-license or equivalent qualification (part 2 only available after the completion of part 1)

⇒ FASZIO® Fitness Training

⇒ FASZIO® Yoga Basics Training

⇒ Events in Germany


If you are interested in offering an on-site workshop and/or training course, please feel free to contact us at: info@faszio.com or by telephone at: +49 (0)40 51493632