FASZIO® Yoga Basics

It is human nature to seek spiritual freedom and physical vitality. We have designed FASZIO® YOGA to support this endeavor, fusing the 7 FASZIO® training strategies together with familiar yogic postures, asanas, pranayama and the meditation practices of various yogic styles and traditions. Based primarily on yogic teachings and the 5 fascial guideline by FASZIO, the effect of yoga poses on the body is illuminated in new ways. We work together with practice sequences designed to convey a deep understanding of each movement. Ultimately, FASZIO® Yoga helps balance the body’s vegetative nervous system and positively influences emotions, granting the body more ease, range of motion and elasticity. With stunning simplicity, FASZIO® Yoga stimulates deep healing throughout the entire body.

This advanced training is divided into two parts and is aimed at yoga teachers of all styles and traditions.


Yoga Instructor or Sports-Trainer with adequate yoga experience. Part 2 is bookable only after the completion of Part 1.


Part 1 (20 units)

The fascia can be understood as a large pervasive network of tissue, enveloping and penetrating deep within the human body. Firm yet flexible, the fascia help stabilize the body. The fascia also serve as the body’s personal injury prevention service. FASZIO® is a movement concept, utilizing 7 strategies that promote suppleness, mobility, strength and stability. Part 1 of this training will convey fascial theory in an easy to understand manner. The 7 FASZIO® strategies will then be presented and the 5 fascial trains by FASZIO® concept examined. Part 1 aims to inspire participants to rethink and/or refine their own understanding of movement. Participants will engage with new ideas, such as the structuring of yoga classes in a fascia-friendly manner.


  • Why do we need fascia and why are fascia important for yoga?
  • Fascia: composition, substance, structure
  • The 7 FASZIO® strategies and their relationship to the various yoga traditions
  • Meditation

Part 2 (30 units)

Part 2 expands upon previously conveyed fascial theory. It deepens the participant’s understanding of the relationship between fascia and yoga. Through practical exercises, participants experience firsthand an enrichment in bodily awareness. Furthermore, the anatomic-functional alignment of the body will be explored. Special attention will also be paid to the 5 fascial trains by FASZIO®. The training module ends with a supervised portion, in place to ensure that participants understand and are able to implement the 7 FASZIO® training strategies in a yogic context. Ultimately, participants develop the competence to professionally and independently apply their newly gained fascial expertise in their own yoga classes. The successful completion of the training authorizes participants to teach FASZIO® YOGA.


  • Releasing techniques in yoga
  • Pranayama, nadis and fascia and their relationship to one another
  • The 5 fascial trains by FASZIO®
  • Mantras
  • Supervision – independent application of fascial understanding to yoga practice.


Info, registration & costs

Costs NL: part 1+2: € 655 | Early bird*: € 625
Costs UK: part 1+2: € 655 | Early bird: € 625
Costs SE:
part 1: € 285 | Early bird: € 265
part 2: € 430 | Early bird: € 400
Early bird = until 7 weeks before workshop

Registration: Maren Lenthe: +49 (0)40-51493632, Maren@FASZIO.de

For further information contact: info@faszio.de



Sweden*, Stockholm

⇒ 06./07.10.2018 | Part 1
Miram Wessels

⇒ 12.-14.10.2018 | Part 2
Miram Wessels

Location: Värmdö Yogacenter, Odelbergsväg 9 A, 134 40 Gustavsbe


UK*, London

⇒ 14.-15.09.2019 | Part 1
Miriam Wessels

⇒ 01-03.11.2019 | Part 2
Miriam Wessels
Location: 2 Sanderstead Hill. Sanderstead CR2 0HA

Registration: Maren Lenthe: +49 (0)40-51493632, Maren@FASZIO.de
For further information contact: info@faszio.com


If you are interested in offering an on-site workshop and/or training course, please feel free to contact us at: info@faszio.com or by telephone at: +49 (0)40 51493632