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Heike Oellerich und Miriam WesselsHeike Oellerich and Miriam Wessels

Movement is our passion. We have been researching the area of movement for many years now, driven by the philosophy that, “When you know what you’re doing, you can do what you want;” a motto that lies close to our hearts.

Having worked over the years as fitness trainers, trainer consultants and DTB trainers, we offer our clients a plethora of knowledge and experience in the area of health-fitness. Ourselves sport-health enthusiasts, we take great pride and joy in the development of new and creative movement concepts; concepts such as »Belly-Yoga«, »Mama fit – Baby mit!« (Training for Mother and baby), »Simple, yet brilliant!«, »YogaDancing«, »ASANADANCE«, »Mantra Moves« and our latest innovation »FASZIO®«.

For over 15 years, we have also pursued writing as freelance authors, publishing an array of fitness-health articles and books with topics ranging from yoga and pregnancy to fascia and pelvic floor training. We approach our work with a holistic mindset, combining thoroughly researched information with carefully constructed exercises.

We feel passionate about holistic fitness, but more specifically, about fascia. Fascia is especially intriguing to us because it was one of our first topics of research. One could say that fascia has quite literally been with us from the beginning. A perpetually developing endeavor, our pursuit of fascia has over the years filled us with a spirit of discovery. This is due to the many present-day multidisciplinary researchers dedicated to the study of fascia, whose scientific contributions continue to increase our full understanding of the fascial tissue. Lightyears ahead of where we began, scientific understanding of the body’s fascial network continues to grow. What we have is a collection of proven facts and some (still) unproven assumptions, but what unites us all, is our persistent quest for knowledge.

The understanding of fascial structures requires us to rethink the usual and approach the unusual. From experience, we have learned to keep pushing because the journey tends to be well worth the effort!

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