Support free energy flow and regulate the ground substance

Fasciae act as filters for the cells of the human body. They help keep away waste from the metabolism of cells, ensuring that it is removed via the blood-vessels or lymph nodes, while simultaneously providing cells with nutrients. When a filter is clogged, the metabolism inside and outside of the cell will slow down; if this persists the cell will degenerate over time and die or even mutate. It is possible to once again reinvigorate a cell’s metabolism by stimulating the fascia. This is accomplished with the use of release-oriented techniques, such as the FASZIO® Ball (in cooperation with TOGU®) and/or the FASZIO® Cup (in cooperation with BellaBambi®) and/or hands-on techniques. Releasing techniques like rolling and clamping can have a deep effect on the fascia and help release restrictions in our mobility. The mobility of individual fascial layers is thus optimized and the occurrence of pain is reduced or even eliminated. Further possibilities for releasing states of tension offer feel good factors (e.g. touching, taping). In this way enhanced fascial network functionality creates mental and emotional ease.


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