FASZIO® – 7 strategies

Training  youthfulness, vitality and mobility

FASZIO® introduces and considers all aspects of a healthy and an effective fascial training.
Fascia Training Opportunities. The point is to keep the fascial network in the forefront of our training, supporting our fascia as best as we can. These 7 Strategies have proven useful in attaining this goal:

⇒ Awareness – Refine sensory, motoric and emotional intelligence

⇒ Elasticity – Efficiently use the catapult effect and kinetic energy

⇒ Flexibility – Stretch out the fascial network and balance the fascial muscle-trains

⇒ Fluidity – Expand movement competence and harmonize function

⇒ Regeneration – Vitalize the body’s cells and discover rejuvenation

Release – Support free energy flow and regulate the ground substance

⇒ Stability – Strengthen the central fascial muscle-train and optimize energy transfer