FASZIO® Training concept

FASZIO® The Holistic Fascia Training – Move into Happiness!

Recent anatomical findings revolutionize the way we look at the human body, movement and long-term health. With versatile, multi-directional training, FASZIO® helps put these new findings into motion, facilitating enhanced mobility and optimal health.

A movement concept, FASZIO® can be practiced alone as well as integrated as a life-enriching component into an already practiced pattern of movement, training program or sport (e.g. yoga, Pilates, adolescent sports, general fitness etc.). To put it simply: FASZIO® is a modern day holistic training for people who simply enjoy the ability to move!

FASZIO® stands for unwavering competence and quality. It is imperative that all FASZIO® trainings instill future FASZIO® trainers with a profound, responsible and modern fascial understanding of the human body—both theoretical and practical. The FASZIO® Basic Training, for example, concludes with a supervised session, which ensures the understanding and proper implementation of the theoretical material and its respective application. The successful completion of the FASZIO® Basic Training provides graduates with the title of FASZIO® Trainer as well as the prerequisite required to participate in further specialized FASZIO® trainings.

⇒ Target audience
The target audience ranges from training supervisors, fitness specialists, personal trainers, and yoga and Pilates teachers to outdoor, health-fitness coaches and Body&Mind trainers to adolescent and teenage sports coaches. FASZIO® already integrates many of these respective fitness areas into its programs; an assortment of programs that continues to grow with time.

⇒ Requirements
ÜL-C-License or equivalent qualification (part 2 only available after the completion of part 1)

⇒ FASZIO® Basic Training

⇒ FASZIO®-Yoga Basic Training

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If you are interested in offering an on-site workshop and/or training course, please feel free to contact us at: info@faszio.de or by telephone at: +49 (0)40 51493632