FASZIO® Basic training (30 Hours)

The fascia can be understood as a large pervasive network of tissue that both envelopes the human body and is found deep within it. Itself a living organ, the fascial network is home to nerves, metabolic processes and a substantial portion of the body’s immune system. Firm yet flexible, the fascial network helps stabilize the body, also serving as the body’s personal injury prevention service. The quality of the body’s fascia can be improved through fascial training, which in turns leads to optimized health and movement. FASZIO® is first and foremost a movement concept; it focuses on a wide assortment of diverse practices, that, when carried out, promote an optimal and healthy fascial structure. Emphasizing graceful and flexible movement, speed and stability, the 7 strategies from FASZIO® increase quality of life by bringing the body back into its optimal form. The basic training consists of essential theoretical instruction coupled with practical application; it nurtures the participant’s own fascial awareness, while at the same time elaborating on fascia application in sports and everyday life. The anatomical orientation of the body and its individual conditions is also covered. Special attention is payed to the body’s core “central line” as well as various other bodily alignments. The training concludes with a supervised session, which ensures the understanding of the 7 FASZIO® training strategies and their respective application. At the conclusion of the basic training, future FASZIO® instructors have the expertise necessary to immediately begin implementing a fascia-oriented professional practice. The successful completion of the FASZIO® Basic Training provides graduates with the title of FASZIO® Trainer as well as the prerequisite required to participate in further specialized FASZIO® trainings.

Prerequisite: ÜL-C-License or equivalent qualification




⇒ 09.-13.05.2018 | 1 + 2 kompakt
Referentin: Miriam Wessels
Infos & Anmeldung*: comming soon


⇒ 06./07.10.2018 | part 1
⇒ 12./14.10.2018 | part 2
Referentin: Miriam Wessels
Infos & Anmeldung*: Värmdö Yogacenter, Odelbergsväg 9 A, 134 40 Gustavsbe


If you are interested in offering an on-site workshop and/or training course, please feel free to contact us at: info@faszio.de or by telephone at: +49 (0)40 51493632