FASZIO® – move into happiness!

FASZIO® – The Holistic Fascia Training implements groundbreaking fascial research, applying it to surprising, exciting and comprehensive movements. Vital to the human organism, a well-functioning fascial network raises our quality of life; it enhances our body’s mobility and helps support a positive mindset!
FASZIO® can be practiced alone or integrated as a life-enriching component to an already practiced pattern of movement, training program or sport.

Fascia training by FASZIO

Fascia training requires that standards are met and stimulation is evoked. This can be achieved for example via full body exercises, focusing on strength, conditioning and mobility. Through spontaneous, smooth movement, the body’s connective tissue tightens. On another note, flexibility proves beneficial to bands and tendons, which subsequently experience an increase in elasticity and stability. The more multifaceted and unusual the training, the more effective the training. The stronger the stimulation, the higher the performance.


⇒ Target Group

A healthy fascia is helpful to everyone! The 7 strategies from FASZIO® make up the core concept:
Stability, Elasticity, Limberness, Proprioceptive Energy, Flexibility, Releasing and Regeneration.
Once these strategies are internalized, they can be adapted to meet the needs of any group. True to the motto: „You can do whatever you want when you know what you’re doing.“


⇒ Training Methods

⇒ Versatility: The fascia loves variety.

⇒ Demand: The fascia adapts to the task at hand.

⇒ Full Body Physical Exertion: The fascia and muscles work together as a team helping one another.

⇒ 7 Strategies ensuring that all fascial aspects are considered during training.


Training Objectives!

⇒ Health: The condition of the fascia is crucial in determining the quality of metabolic processes, the immune system and responsiveness.

⇒ Fitness: Physical performance is directly related to the condition of the fascial network.

⇒ Radiance: Emotions are transmitted to the outside world via the fascia.

⇒ Personality: He or she who dares to leave their comfort zone will discover their strengths and transform their weaknesses.